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VYON - Cleansing Milk


Instead of using harsh soaps, your sensitive skin is better off with a mild Cleansing Milk from VYON. It is ideal for all skin types, as it doesn’t damage the skin, even if you plan to use it twice a day. The Cleansing Milk by VYON has intensive cleansing properties for an optimized anti-aging effect.

Get rid of sebum, dirt particles and makeup with zero hassle or strains, all thanks to this face cleanser for all skin types. Precisely why, it is the most chosen cleansing milk for removing eye make-up. Keep the irritations at bay with VYON and nourish your skin with this soothing yet active ingredient complex.


Camelia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Glycerine, and Cleansing Substances.

How to use

Using the VYON Cleansing Milk is extremely easy. Massage a layer of the cleansing milk and wipe it off with a cotton pad. You can seamlessly add this product to your routine.

200 ml / 6.8 FL. OZ.

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