Azul Skin Care

Basic Cleanser Facial

Enjoy this rejuvenating cleanse of the pores on your face, along with an anti-stress soothing massage and anti-stress mask.

Your skin has pores through which it breathes, and sometimes because of the dust, pollution and other factors that affect your skin, your pores can get dirty and blocked. This is believed to be the reason for dull skin and breakouts too. One way to manage this is to cleanse your pores. This Basic Cleanser Facial ensures your skin also receives the right nutrients and hydration it needs. The facial includes an anti-stress soothing massage and anti-stress mask too. This helps revive your skin and gives it the right pick me up. 

Note: This is not for first-time clients or if you have an existing breakout.

30% Deposit Collected at Booking. Full Payment Collected After Treatment.

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