Azul Skin Care

Hydrating Double Ultrasonic Facial

Using the power of high-level sound wave technology through this ultrasonic facial, your skin will benefit from skin renewal and reduction of freckles and more. This facial includes deep extraction, exfoliation ultrasonic and an anti-stress soothing massage followed by a cocktail of hydrating serums that can penetrate deep into your skin thanks to the ultrasonic face machine. 

Penetrating deep into your skin to promote skin renewal, improved blood circulation, reduce puffiness around eyes, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and more; this ultrasonic facial uses high-level sound wave technology as a gentle and pain-free technique that your skin will love. This Hydrating Double Ultrasonic Facial is crafted to hydrate your skin with a cocktail of hydrate serums that are penetrated deep into your skin with the help of an ultrasonic face machine. Because of the ultrasonic face machine, your skincare range works much better and shows better results too. But before this stage, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed with a deep extraction session followed by an exfoliation ultrasonic and an anti-stress soothing massage. So, your skin is ready to reap the benefits of this facial.

30% Deposit Collected at Booking. Full Payment Collected After Treatment.

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