Azul Skin Care

Microcurrent Treatment

As the name suggests, this treatment uses microcurrent to improve and tone your muscles, reduce wrinkles and increase cellular activity. All skin types can benefit from this treatment as it is completely safe, but if you have severe acnes, pacemakers, metal implants, or open sores, you could avoid this. 

There are three main outcomes from a microcurrent treatment; the muscles of your face get reset, there are natural circulatory benefits and the production of natural collagen takes place. Now isn’t that what most of us want? The low level of electricity of a microcurrent treatment acts like our body’s own natural currents, which cause these changes at the absolute cellular level. This is a minimally invasive procedure, so you don’t have to worry. Just relax and let the treatment do its magic. 

It's recommended to do multiple sessions for the best result.

30% Deposit Collected at Booking. Full Payment Collected After Treatment.

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