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VYON - Cleansing Tonic without Alcohol


Protect your skin by cleansing it and ridding it of all the impurities and toxins. This light Cleansing Tonic without Alcohol by VYON is gentle on your skin, just the way you wish every product would be. It has a high concentration of active ingredients that can help you achieve a balanced complexion for your skin.

The moisturizing facial cleansing tonic without alcohol has properties that will soothe your skin. It is part of the cleansing range from VYON that you shouldn’t miss out on! Easily add this face cleanser to your online cart.


Camelia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Glycerine, and Cleansing Substances.

How to use

Using the VYON Cleansing Tonic without Alcohol means you need to either dab it on a cotton pad and apply it on your face; or use your fingertips to massage it in and wipe it with a cotton pad. Simply wash your face after a few minutes and feel the freshness.

200ml / 6.8 FL. OZ.

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