7 Winter Skincare And Self-love Tips You'll Love

In case you’re clueless about what to do while taking care of your skin during this blissful winter, go through this blog and start following these tips right away!

  • Drinking water solves major life issues (says, every mother): During winters, the air becomes drier, resulting in dry skin. So, drink an adequate amount of water to keep your skin happy and hydrated.

  • Lukewarm water bath -- neither too warm nor too cold: If you love your skin, avoid hot water showers and use lukewarm water to shower and wash your face instead. Hot water dries your skin quickly, and if not moisturized immediately, your skin can develop cracks and winter eczema. Once you have taken a lukewarm shower, apply a moisturizer or serum that contains Vitamin C, which will keep the moisture barrier intact and prevent dryness.

  • Select skincare products like you selected that Christmas party dress, with utmost dedication: During winters, it is better to go for mild skin care products that help in maintaining the skin’s natural moisture barrier. To overcome acne and breakouts, use moisturizers that have ceramides, hyaluronic acid, hydration serums, and glycerin to repair the moisture barrier of the skin. Avoid masks, astringent lotions, and any other product that contains alcohol to avoid excessive dryness of the skin.

  • Exfoliation should be minimized: Exfoliation helps in getting rid of dead cells. During winters, however, one needs to take extra care while exfoliating because of reduced moisture in the skin. Exfoliating your skin once a week is fine – this helps in boosting skin regeneration and better product absorption. Also, exfoliate according to your skin type. If you have dry skin, exfoliate your skin lightly. If you have combination and oily skin, once a week is fine.

  • Protect your hands and feet: The sun rays might feel like a blessing, but the UV rays will do them harm. The skin on your hands has fewer oil glands as compared to any other body part, making them prone to cracks and itchiness. Apply a moisturizer before basking in the sun. Go for glycerin-based creams and petroleum jelly to moisturize your feet. Also, make sure to exfoliate your feet occasionally so that it can absorb the moisturizer easily.

  • Don’t ditch your diet: Consumption of seasonal fruits and veggies is the ultimate trick to stay healthy in any season. Berries are known to be exceptional sources of vitamins and minerals. Apart from berries, strawberries, raspberries, and any other seasonal fruit will help fulfill your nutrient requirement. Soups, salads, and veggies will add to the hydration to balance the nutrient intake.

  • Exercise every day: Getting out of that cozy blanket can be a deadly task on a chilly morning.  But, exercising at home will pump up your heart rate, which in turn, pumps more blood to your organs and skin. So, exercise a bit every day no matter how chilly it gets. 

  • Hope you can follow at least more than 5 of these tips on a regular basis!