Laser Facial Treatment 101: All You Need To Know

You might have pampered yourself with regular facial treatments, but have you ever opted for a “laser facial treatment”? Well, here we are to decode all the things related to laser facial and the benefits offered by this treatment.!

What is a laser facial?

A treatment that takes any basic facial to the next level by providing a safe and effective means to overcome skin problems, increase collagen growth, and even skin tone. 

How do lasers work?

Laser treatments have been on the line for more than 4 decades now. Speaking about laser treatment for the face, estheticians are using the same technology for the past 20-30 years, with some updates from time-to-time. This has given them a lot of experience in handling such devices and reaping the best results for your skin. Around 10 laser lights are used for skin treatments. Although each of them has a unique functioning for a specific concern, they all work in a similar way.

The light at the beginning of the laser is similar to any normal light, but, inside the machine, there are different filters that segregate the different wavelengths of light, leaving only the required light. This wavelength is concentrated into a precise beam of light which is used to address specific concerns within the skin. Each laser beam is absorbed by different cells within the skin in order for it to work its magic. 

The different types of laser treatments

  • Nd: YAG: 
      1. For pigmentation: The Q-Switched Nd: YAG boosts the skin tone by removing freckles of excess pigment in the skin. 
      2. For acne and rosacea: Porphyrin production is stimulated within the skin to kill bacteria associated with acne which helps with rosacea also.
      3. For deep cleansing and brightening: The Carbon Peel facial does the needful. A carbon paste is massaged to the skin and left to dry. After the carbon has adhered to the dead skin cells and pores, the laser light is used to remove the carbon, which carries with it all the dead skin cells and other impurities.
      4. For hair removal: Targeting the cells and blood supply stimulating hair growth, this machine is best suited for hair removal because it works on all skin tones. The melanin in the hair absorbs enough energy to destroy the cells directly surrounding it.

  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): This method is slightly different from the laser as it uses the concept of scattered light to rejuvenate the skin by reducing the redness, evening the pigmentation by removing unwanted melanocytes and cauterizing veins while also boosting collagen production. 

  • Resurfx: As the name suggests, this treatment is used to refine pores, treatment of fine lines, and wrinkles. While some people prefer to get it done on the whole skin, it can be done on isolated parts of the skin also.

  • Laser After Care

    Once the laser treatment is done, the story doesn’t just end there. Just like after wax creams are a must, similarly, after laser care is recommended by all the estheticians. Applying sunscreen before stepping out, avoiding the sun, a hot shower, a scrub, etc. A skincare routine involving retinol (if the skin can tolerate it) is highly recommended.